Product Potency?

Product Potency?

Posted by Youniquely Herbals on 11th Jul 2020

How true is your CBD Oil? I strained out my first batch this week, and it is in test. The picture is of a well-known CBD brand on the top, mine on the bottom. These extractions are made with a MCT oil … read more

Which herbs for you?

10th Jun 2020

Today, it is so simple to run to the grocery store and select from the hundreds of herbal supplements on the shelf.  But which one is right for YOU?  There is no simple answer to that since … read more

More products coming....

30th Apr 2020

There are quite a few more products being added.  I hope to have most added to the site by this weekend.  It's a lot more work than I expected!  A few to name are: jojoba hot oil hair t … read more

Welcome to my new online shop!

28th Apr 2020

Thank you for visiting.  I have decided to take my business virtual.  Every day I am adding products to the site, and getting used to these software tools!  If you have any questions ab … read more

Welcome to Youniquely Herbals LLC!

25th Apr 2020

A therapeutic dose of herbal tea is more than you probably think. The tea bags you find in the store don't have much of an effect. It depends on the tea you are using and the amount of water you … read more