Flower Essences

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Infused with the powers of sun, moon and storm!  These Flower Essences are made from the energy of the flower. I use a no-touch method as to not introduce any other vibrations into the mother essence.  Flowers are organically grown in my gardens and picked at the perfect bloom.  The infused essence is called the mother, and it is a blend of half spring water and half brandy.  This anchors the essence's energy and serves as a preservative. I store the mother essences in a quiet and peaceful room with all the other preparations waiting for their person to claim them. From the mother essences, I make blends and single essences called stock potencies. Customers may take essences straight from the purchased bottles to effectively use the stock potency.

Essences work subtly by promoting your own inner healing. They work differently with different people and at different times. These are not essential oils and have no smell.

NEW: Comfrey Flower Essence

Comfrey flower essence is used for trauma or abuse, memories of an unhappy or traumatic childhood, emotional scarring, a desire to retrieve a hazy memory, slowly healing wounds, recovery from an accident or surgery. It sorts through suppressed memories to help us heal old emotional wounds, and to leave painful memories behind. 

Spiritually, Comfrey Flower Essence creates a sense of comfort and solace for your soul. It reconnects soul parts that split off during trauma or shock and invites them back by creating a safe haven for their return. Including soul parts that split off during this lifetime or previous lifetimes that did not come into this life at birth. Comfrey essence works through the root chakra to influence the body to rebuild cellular structures for our continued healing and growth and with the heart chakra for gentle self-compassion, to feel emotionally and physically safe, and for compassion and joy.

INGREDIENTS: Spring Water, Organic Comfrey Flower Essence, Brandy

NEW: Ragged Robin Flower Essence

Ragged Robin flower essence may help to remove the obstacles that cloud your perception of what is good for you and what is not.  In this way, you can consciously choose what to eliminate and work on in your life.  Ragged Robin calms frazzled nerves and takes the edge off. Works around issues of the heart and strained relationships. It softens you to allow one's heart to remain open and reach out.

INGREDIENTS: Spring Water, Organic Ragged Robin Flower Essence, Brandy

NEW: Dandelion Flower Essence

Works for those with chronic fatigue, a tendency toward anemia, physical weakness, poor stamina, sluggish digestion, feeling worried, disorganized, or for a low immunity.
Spiritually, Dandelion helps a weaker third chakra. Particularly helpful for low appetite, crave sweets, are on the weak side physically, and at the same time are often worried, indecisive, too quick to want to please others, or lacking in self-confidence.

INGREDIENTS: Spring Water, Organic Dandelion Flower Essence, Brandy

California Poppy Flower Essence

Works for those feeling pain or anxiety. California Poppy helps with sleeplessness and insomnia by helping to find an inner calm and peace.
Spiritually, California Poppy assists in developing and strengthening intuition, clairvoyance and psychic abilities by opening the third eye.

INGREDIENTS: Spring Water, Organic California Poppy Flower Essence, Brandy

Borage Flower Essence

Relieves the sensation of heaviness whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. It has an affinity for the heart and helps to dislodge long-held grief, anger, and hurt and replaces them with a sense of lightness and possibility. It is also helpful for feelings stagnancy throughout the body, dissolving old tensions to bring renewed vitality. Borage nourishes optimism and suffuses one's being with the courage necessary to live with unwavering confidence.
Spiritually, it transforms deep seated sorrow, bitterness and blame as they pass through the heart and higher heart chakras, then flowing effortlessly, pours forth from your throat chakra as heart-centered conscious speech imbued with Divine power. Borage Flower Essence shifts a tendency of being self-focused toward caring for other people who are also experiencing difficulties.

INGREDIENTS: Spring Water, Organic Borage Flower Essence, Brandy

Calendula Flower Essence

It helps us to empower ourselves and encourages receptivity. It strengthens us from the inside. It releases tension, and contributes to feelings of centeredness and balance. It supports digestion, eye health and luminous skin. Use Calendula Flower Essence when you don't feel safe, and don't know why, or when you sense “holes” in your energetic “skin”. If you feel that your energy fields are unstable or need grounding - literally as in grounding electricity – Calendula Essence will be helpful.
Spiritually, Calendula Flower Essence electromagnetically strengthens and aligns the boundary between the astral plane and your subtle bodies to create protection from psychic intrusions. It connects your heart with the torus of subtle energy around your body facilitating heart-centered connection with the Earth. Calendula Flower Essence also provides energetic and electrical grounding. Together, all of this engenders a sense of peaceful safety.

INGREDIENTS: Spring Water, Organic Calendula Flower Essence, Brandy

DOSAGE: Ready to use without diluting. Tap the bottle a few times against your palm before each use. Take 3 drops at a time onto the tongue or mixed with water 3–4 times a day, between meals.  Store away from sun exposure, excessive heat or cold, electronics, and strong scents.  You may see strong effects immediately, but usually effects are cumulative over time. Use flower essences until the problem goes away and stays away after discontinuing use. If the problem returns, you may need to continue with it another month.

Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Vegan, and free from any artificial colors, flavors, or other synthetic material.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health-related diagnosis or treatment options.